How to Measure Women's Belt Sizes?

Posted on November 05 2018

How to Measure Women's Belt Sizes?
How to know what size belt you need to buy?
Most accurate results for ladies - measure around where you wear the belt through the belt loops of your trousers and look at the size chart below. That is the size belt you need to order. If it is an odd number, round up to the next even number.
How to get your belt size quickly?
If you know your clothing size you can select the correct belt size from the table below, where we convert the regular S M L size to inches and cm. Belt size in the table would be the size you need to buy. 
How to Choose a Belt Size based on Pant Size?
A simple way to determine belt size is to simply “add 2″ to your trouser size. For example, if you wear a 34” waist trouser, then a 36 belt size will be a perfect fit. Most will find this simple formula works best for pants worn at a traditional height–close to the natural waistline. For a belt to wear with low rise trousers or jeans, consider adding 3 or 4 to your pant size.

Pant or Trouser Size converted to Belt Size Guide
32 34''
34 36''
36 38''
38 40''
in US/UK/AU standard size.
What to keep in mind while selecting your belt size?
We recommend selecting a belt that is 2 inches larger than your usual pant size to make sure it fits you comfortably. If you have an existing belt, do not measure the belt from end to end. You will not get the accurate size that way. Use the drawing below to determine the right size, measuring from point A to B.
How are belts sized?
Belt measurements are taken from the point the strap meets the buckle to the middle hole. Generally, there are 15cm from the middle hole to the end of the belt. We do not include the buckle length in our measurement.
How to convert belt sizes from inches to cm to standard S M L structure?
The easiest guide to follow:
26'' 67 XS
28'' 72 XS/S
30'' 77 S
32'' 82 S/M
34'' 87 M
36'' 92 M/L
38'' 97 L
40'' 102 L/XL
42'' 107 XL
44'' 112 2XL
46'' 117 3XL

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