Top 5 Best Designer Belt Dupes Online Australia

Top 5 Best Designer Belt Dupes Online Australia

Charm people with this designer belt lookalikes, from the infamous Gucci ring leather belt to the signature Isabel Marant leather knot belt - while having the same premium quality and being made of genuine leather, yet would go easy on your budget. Dupes differ from fake belts, as they only have an inspired or similar design and meticulous attention to detail to capture the same style features and overall look. All of this, without fully replicating the logo or the overall piece. 

1. Double Ring Leather Belt - Gucci's GG Belt Dupe

As one of the longest-reigning items by Gucci, the classic GG belt is considered a statement accessory in the fashion world. First introduced by the brand in 1921, the legacy continues to this day, styled by celebrities across the globe. The Gucci Belt dupe for women comes in a variety of styles, the most iconic being the double buckle ring leather belt. Made of premium genuine leather, a classic black leather belt with a silver buckle is the timeless belt that would pair with any outfit - from casual jeans to sophisticated dresses.

You can also try this design in other colour options like tan, dark brown/chocolate or printed patterns. A brown leather belt with gold buckle is definitely a leather staple belt, adding a hint of a neutral and earthy tone to your outfit. You can also choose other colourways like a dark brown/chocolate ring leather belt  or snake print double-ring leather belt for a more experimental and bold touch. 


gucci belt dupes online australia womens double ring leather belt

2. Genuine Leather Knot Belt - Isabel Marrant Lecce Belt Dupe

A gorgeous elegant belt to replicate the chic look as you would with the infamous Isabel Marant Lecce Belt. This versatile fashion accessory is extremely versatile that can go with ANY outfit - from blazer office looks to feminine dresses or active shorts and tee. The most popular colours are classic black and tan leather belts, which we highly recommend that you own both to use interchangeably for different outfit looks. 


isabel marrant lecce belt dupe womens leather knot belt

3. Skinny Triangle Buckle Belt - Bottega Veneta  Triangle Belt Dupe

A simple yet chic thin belt to replicate the elegant look as you would with the Bottega Veneta Triangle Buckle Belt. A perfect slim belt that can pair with pants, dresses or skirts to elevate your daily outfits in the most subtle and elegant way.



bottega veneta triangle buckle skinny leather belt dupe

4. Wide Waist Leather Belt - Isabel Marant Leather Waist Belt Dupe

A wide range of waist-cincher belts can pair with pants, dresses or skirts to elevate your waist curve for eye-catching looks on any occasion. A trendy yet timeless leather accessory for all women.


shop online womens wide waist leather belt australia

5. Vintage Embossed Buckle Genuine Leather Belt - Versace Buckle Belt Inspired

Inspired by Versace Embellished Buckle Belt, these women's genuine leather belts with embossed metal buckles are the definition of chic, timeless and top-notch fashion accessories. Just in time for this year's latest fashion comeback of the slip dress - these iconic embellished genuine leather belts are sure to turn heads and keep you in tune with global fashion trends and style. 


shop online womens vintage embossed metal buckle australia


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