Celebrate NAIDOC Week with Belt N Bags: Embracing Indigenous Culture

Acknowleding and Celebrating NAIDOC Week with Belt and Bags

At Belt N Bags, we're thrilled to honour NAIDOC Week, a time dedicated to celebrating the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This significant week provides a platform to reflect on the rich traditions and contributions that shape Australia's cultural landscape.

Understanding NAIDOC Week

NAIDOC Week, observed annually from first Sunday of July for the whole week, is a momentous occasion for all Australians to come together and pay tribute to the enduring legacy of Indigenous communities. It serves as a reminder of the resilience, diversity, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples throughout history.

Celebrating with Belt N Bags

This year, Belt N Bags invites you to join us in commemorating NAIDOC Week with our exclusive sale event. From July 1st to 7th, enjoy an enticing 30% discount storewide when you use promo code NAID3OC at checkout. Discover our extensive collection of meticulously crafted leather belts, stylish handbags, and accessories, all designed right here in Sydney, the epicentre of Australian fashion.

Honoring Indigenous Art and Culture

Throughout NAIDOC Week, we are honored to showcase the profound artistry and storytelling of Indigenous artists. Explore the captivating works of Maureen Nampijinpa Hudson, whose paintings vividly depict ancestral stories of Fire Dreaming and Water Dreaming, resonating with the spirit of tradition and connection to the land.

Discovering Artist Stories

Delve into the artistic journey of Isaiah Nagurrgurrba, an esteemed artist from the Gulf of Carpentaria. Through his intricate paintings, Isaiah shares the cultural significance of the Namarnkol (Barramundi), highlighting its role as a totem and source of sustenance for generations.

Why the Voice to Parliament Matters

This NAIDOC Week, Belt N Bags supports the call for a Voice to Parliament, advocating for Indigenous communities to have a direct influence on policy decisions that impact their lives. Learn more about this pivotal initiative and its potential to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in shaping their future.

Join Us in Celebrating

As we celebrate NAIDOC Week together, let's embrace diversity, unity, and the rich cultural heritage that defines Australia. Shop with us at Belt N Bags and be part of this meaningful celebration. Your purchase not only supports local craftsmanship but also contributes to the preservation and promotion of Indigenous art and culture.

Get Involved

Visit our blog for in-depth insights, educational resources, and inspiring stories that highlight the profound contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to Australia's cultural fabric. Follow us on social media for daily updates, artist features, and exclusive offers throughout NAIDOC Week and beyond.

Stay Connected

Join the conversation and stay connected with Belt N Bags. Together, let's honor NAIDOC Week with pride, respect, and a commitment to celebrating Indigenous cultures year-round.


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