Fashion Guide: How To Find The Perfect Plus Size Belt For Women

For women who wear plus sizes, finding the perfect belt can feel like a daunting task. Stores are often limited in their plus size selection and trying to find something that fits both your figure and your personal style preferences can be difficult. But fear not – with the right knowledge and resources you can easily find the perfect belt for any occasion! Here’s everything you need to know about finding quality women’s plus-size belts in Australia.

Measure Yourself For The Best Fit

Before buying a belt it’s important to get an accurate measure of your waist or hip circumference; this ensures that whatever you choose will fit properly and comfortably around your body. A flexible cloth tape measure is best as it allows for more precise readings than rigid measures such as rulers or string. Once you have this measurement, consult with sizing charts from different brands to accurately determine which size would fit best.

Choose A Material That’s Durable & Comfortable

The material of your belt is just as important as its fit – leather is always a timeless choice but if you prefer something lighter then cotton and canvas options may suit better. This also applies when selecting extra features; adjustable buckles are great for fine-tuning tightness levels depending on what outfit you’re wearing it with, while some designs also provide additional support such as elastic panels for extra comfort!

Look for Premium Quality Materials

When it comes to choosing a plus size belt, opt for heavy-duty premium materials like genuine leather or vegan leather. Not only do they offer more durability but they also look better and last longer – making them ideal choices when styling outfits that require more structure or support. Additionally, make sure they have sturdy metal buckles since these will provide extra stability while still maintaining an elegant look.

Have Fun With Colors And Patterns

Plus size belts come in all sorts of eye-catching shades and styles – so why settle for boring black or brown when there are so many other options available? Vibrant hues like red, blue or yellow make great statement pieces while classic black, white and tan remain ever-popular choices due to their versatility. If you want something really unique – go wild with patterned prints like animal prints such as cow print leather belts or leopard print belts, embossed leather or floral patterns - these add visual interest without overpowering entire outfits completely!

Different Types Of Belts To Explore

From wide buckles to skinny straps - there are countless styles of belts available in plus sizes which means finding one that meets both comfort and fashionable needs doesn't have to be difficult! Wide belts help create an hourglass silhouette while waist-cinching designs draw attention away from problem areas – replacing them with curves instead! Skinny belts make great accents when paired with plainer items too, accentuating overall shape without overpowering an outfit completely. Waist-cinching designs help draw attention away, and skinny straps ensure subtle accents when pairing with plainer items too. Don't forget about braided belts either – these offer intricate detailing which adds texture and visual interest that no other accessory can match!


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Life is short, let's color block!

For a simple but chic look – thin leather belts provide just the right amount of subtle detail for any outfit. These thin straps typically come in a wide range of colours - from basic colours like black, brown or tan to bold colours like red, pink, blue, green, yellow etc. which are perfect for pairing with office attire, casual wear or even dresses. With small buckles that also serve as decoration – they’re ideal if you want something more minimalistic and not drawing too much attention.

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You can never go wrong with a classic brown leather belt.

Brown genuine leather belts make a bold statement while still being stylish and timeless. These pieces feature rich and warm tones with the same level of intricate detail as their black counterparts. Whether you're looking for an everyday accessory to add a subtle touch of sophistication to your look or are dressing up for a special occasion, a brown genuine leather belt is sure to elevate your style!

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Don't be afraid to stand out!

Wide tan belts are a great choice if you prefer something more substantial than skinny ones but without making too much of a statement with bold colours or designs. They are crafted from soft, supple leather and feature larger buckles – making them ideal when dressing up more formal outfits, while the classic black and brown colour ensures versatility across different ensembles. Don’t forget that these particular pieces double as waist cinchers too – helping create an hourglass silhouette that accentuates your curves!

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How To Choose The Right Genuine Leather Belts For You?

1. Choose The Right Length And Fit

The first step in styling a genuine leather belt is measuring for the perfect size. This is especially important for women’s belts as sizes vary greatly. To find the ideal length, measure around your waist where you would normally wear your belt and add around 2 inches for proper comfort. If you’re opting for a wide belt – make sure that you add an extra 4 inches. As sizing can vary between brands – consult their specific size guide before making your purchase.


2. Play With Different Colors And Textures

Genuine leather belts come in an array of different colors and textures so why not experiment? From soft suede to bright hues - there are many fun ways to change up your look with these versatile fashion accessories. Opt for muted shades like taupe or navy blue when wearing neutral colored outfits, while brighter colors such as red or orange will provide a pop of color when paired with neutrals too. For something more daring try out snake print or faux croc designs which offer extra visual interest without being over-the-top!

3. Accessorize Your Outfit

For the finishing touch complete your outfit with the perfect accessory! A chic pair of earrings or statement necklace can work perfectly with a plain colored dress, while opting for a colorful scarf or chunky bracelet will give more casual outfits added flair. Whether you’re going for an elegant evening look or just want to elevate your everyday wardrobe – remember that simple touches can make all the difference!